Where cranes, jacks or scaffolding reaching their structural and economic limitations, Vertec Solutions is used – the fast, flexible and safe alternative.
Vertec Solutions offers a wide range of services using rope access methods. Certified and regularly trained industrial climbers, which are distinguished by expertise and years of experience in various craft areas, take care of your individual needs.
Our service offer uumfasst the following areas:
Vertec Wind Energy: Inspections, maintenance and repairs of wind turbines.
Vertec Offshore: Work on offshore wind turbines and oil platforms.
Vertec Industry: Assembly service at hard to reach places in industrial plants.
Vertec Art: Building and art installations.
Vertec Academy: From composite / laminating training to working at hights and rope access techniques we offer various trainings.
– Other work on hard to reach work places.

You have concern about how to reach a hard to reach place of work? Contact us!