Wind Energy

Wind energy is the driving force of the transition from non-renewable to sustainable energy. With over 25,000 onshore wind turbines and 41,651 megawatts of installed capacity (as of December 2015), it has evolved from a niche to today’s leading renewable energy technology.

25,000 wind turbines must be monitored, evaluated, inspected, maintained and repaired.
For these kind of services you can rely on VERTEC Solutions.

VERTEC Solutions specializes in services for wind turbines using rope access and other techniques. Our focus lies particularly on the heart of the wind turbine, the rotor. We offer extensive knowledge on rotor blade maintainance through many years of work experience in rotor blade services. Rotor blade inspections, rotor blade repairs and the installation of aerodynamic components are part of our core business.

In addition, we also offer services for towers and nacelles. Cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas, inspections and repairs of lattice boom, steel and hybrid towers will also be carried out by experienced VERTEC technicians – short downtimes guaranteed.

The use of rope access techniques allows us also to act very flexible in the assembly or disassembly of various system components. We can offer you support in special areas, or take over complex projects. Contact us.

We offer following services:

Rotor BladeRotor Blade Wind Energy featured image

  • Rotor blade inspections/ assessments (external and internal)
  • Rotor blade repairs (wear and tear as well as structural damages)
  • Lightning protection system checks (lightning protection electric measurements) and repairs
  • Inspection and repair of lightning receptors and drainage holes
  • Attaching, updating and repair of components for aerodynamic optimization (vortex generators, stall stripes, serrated belts, spoilers, etc.)
  • Retrofit (drainage holes, mounting of components to increase the yield, etc.) and reinforcements to extend the product life cycle of rotor blades
  • Painting of rotor blades (e.g. signal red for wind turbines close to air ports and flight zones)
  • Applying erosion protection foil
  • Professional cleaning (e.g. due to oil leakages, etc.)

TowerTower Wind Energy featured image

  • Corrosion protection / painting
  • Installation of add-ons / additional elements (e.g. antennas, oil spill protection devices, etc.)
  • Mounting banners, letters, logos, etc.
  • Installation, repairing, or removing cables and other components inside or oudside of the tower
  • Inspections (corrosion, cracks, etc.)
  • Professional cleaning (e.g. oil leakages, etc.) / fire restoration

Other Services Wind Energy featured imageOthers

  • Other repairs of GRP (glas-reinforced plastic) composite parts such as nacelle and spinner
  • Mounting labels, letters, logos, etc. on nacelle
  • Installation of other components by means of rope access techniques
  • Development of height access and rescue concepts
  • Inspection of fall protection systems, service lifts, lifting equipment, PPE, emergency equipment etc.
  • Other specialized work in areas, which are difficult to reach

Our services of wind turbines, we conduct both on- and offshore.

You want to learn more about our offshore services, click here.